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Lotte Verbeek

Height: 1.68m
Color of eyes : Blue / green
Color of hair: Red, long
Birth date and place:
June 24, 1982 in Venlo, The Netherlands
Voice- range: Soprano

2008 - 2009: Lead in Irish – Dutch movie Nothing Personal of Urszula Antoniak

2005- 2008 Amsterdamse Toneelschool and Kleinkunst Academie (theatre school), graduated 2008
2002- 2006 Jazz Musical dance education in Amsterdam, graduated 2006
2001- 2002 Dance Academy in Arnhem, 1 year
1999- 2001 Pre Education Dance in Venlo, 2 years
1995- 2001 Gymnasium Collegium Marianum in Venlo

2005-2007 Acting and speech
Bart Kiene, Nancy Gabor, Jappe Claes, Leonard Frank, Saskia
Temmink, Catherine ten Bruggencate, Peter Oosthoek

2002-2005 Dance
Classic ballet: Peter Koppens, Amanda Beck
Modern dance: Anne- Louise Beenen, Phyllis Glutelius
Jazz dance: Eddi de Bie, Ben Bergmans
Hiphop: Erwin Theunissen, Dheeraj Asarfi. Tapdans: Maya Strutjens

2003-2007 Singing
Private lesson: Marja Gamal, Ad van Dijk and Anouk Muis
Singing workshops: Paul de Munnick and Joost Prinsen

2008 Summer internship acting in Paris
2006 Workshop camera - acting in Paris & Workshop audition/ screening Kemna Casting
2003 Theatre light
2002 Cosmetics and theatre make-up
1998 Theatreproduction ‘Othello’ under the management of Gerrie Abels
1997 Theaterproductie ‘Medea’ under the management of Gerrie Abels
1996 Various theatre lessons and workshops

2006 Moes
Lead: Mona
Director: Rik Launspach and Karim Taïdia
Producer: NPS

Spoorloos Verdwenen
Gueast appearance
Broadcaster: AVRO

2008 The Lost Days Of Claire Obscure
Graduate film of Charlotte van Otterloo
De Wegen Der Verbeelding
Short film of Erik de Bruyn

2007 Links
Lead: Esther/ Stella/ Lucy
Director and scenario: Froukje Tan
Producer: Fighting Windmills
Film academy 3th year

2005 Grime
Film academy 2nd year

2007 Internship at the big chambers productions King Lear of theatre Group
Character: Regan
Director: Leon van der Sanden

2005 Ensemble Dance and Singing in Parade production of Alex Klaasen ‘t Betere werk
Start up of own entertainment company La Belle Epoque Divertissement
2003-2008 Freelance dance and entertainment work
2003-2004 Video clips of Jules & Raoul, Tacker, F3313r
2003-2006 Model work for Erwin Olaf

Languages: Dutch, English, France (fluently), German
Hobby: Film, theatre, dance, design and make clothes
Driver’s licence: B